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Membership FAQs

Membership FAQs

How does a member book a game? All members receive an individual member login that enables access to online timesheet. Timesheets become available for bookings 7 days in advance with all members have access at the same time.

What is the course like from tee to green? Cromer Golf Club underwent major redesign in 2002 which means new members joining can just pay the fees and enjoy the course straight away. This is definitely a course which requires your driver and is considered one of the more challenging courses on the Northern Beaches. With the recently introduced slope handicapping system Cromer will also be very friendly to new golfers or returning golfers with access to shorter tees to make the game more enjoyable.

What are the greens like at Cromer? All 20 greens (this includes our putting green and spare green) on the golf course were completely replaced in mid 2011 with the ultimate A1/A4 bent species of turf grass. Having them all replaced at the same time has the added advantage that the speed and consistency is now apparent from the 1st hole to the 18th hole. Our new greens also drain very effectively which means we can continue play even during and after heavy downpours.

Will I meet new people? Golf is one of the easiest ways to meet new people. Feel confident you can join Cromer Golf Club without knowing any existing members. All you need to do is join and place your name on the timesheets and our friendly members will do the rest – they will make you feel welcome. Many of our members have made some of their best friends through life at Cromer Golf Club.

Will I be the youngest person in the Clubhouse? Cromer has a membership with a great age range for golfing and social activities. 43% of our male membership and 33% of our female membership are aged between 26 and 60.

What price is the competition fee? The daily competition fee is $15 for single and combined team events.