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Friends of Cromer Foundation

The Friends of Cromer Foundation seeks to engage members and maximise their contribution to projects which improve and sustain the enjoyment of golf-related activities at Cromer Golf Club into the future.

We recognise Cromer Golf Club operates from an annual budget, and we see the Foundation’s role as being able to fund specific projects that optimise engagement and participation in the sport of golf which the Club does not otherwise have the capacity to pursue.

Thanks to our partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF), we can raise funds through a tax effective vehicle. We believe this provides an attractive opportunity for members, supporters, and friends to contribute.

The funds are administered independently from Cromer Golf Club’s daily operations by the Friends of Cromer Foundation under the terms outlined in a specific Memorandum of Understanding with Cromer Golf Club Ltd. The activities of the Friends of Cromer Foundation are transparent, with regular updates on initiatives, funds raised, and grants provided for deserving projects.

We acknowledge that we operate in a competitive environment and the Friends of Cromer Foundation may not appeal to everyone. However, we know that if the Foundation can make a difference, then we will provide enjoyment and expand participation in our sport and the membership of our Club.

It also means we will provide future generations with the same spirit of community, competition, fun and enjoyment that we and the members who came before us have been lucky enough to share.

You can donate to the Friends of Cromer Foundation by clicking HERE.

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) is the only deductible gift recipient for sport in Australia. This means that donations of $2 or more to approved projects on our website are tax deductible. Shortly after making your donation, you'll receive an official receipt from the ASF that you can use in your income tax return.

If you have any questions about your donation, please visit